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Merchant Processing or payment services is leading the sales industry in sales made. Why? Because every business you drive by is a potential customer! We book you two to three appointments each day in your local area (You tell us the zip codes you are willing to work in). You can make your own appts as well and we will pay you a nice bonus for that sale.


We also including per sale rewards and residuals
– Our agents typically make over $80K per year

3 Commission and Residual Options:


NEW TO INDUSTRY - 20% Comm/residuals:
We book all your appointments, so you just have to show up… We even help you close them!


INTERMEDIATE - 50% Comm/residuals:
You book your appointments by canvasing or calling businesses in your local area, you attend the appointments but once again, we will help you close those appointments.


EXPERIENCED - 75% Comm/residuals:
This is for the experienced rep in the industry. You are on your own on this one. There are many sales reps out there that have been doing this for years, do not need assistance in anything and simply want to work their own schedule. We call this the ISO in a box plan. You send us completed apps, we process them and you get paid.

You can even hire reps under you!

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Bonuses including the famous gas bonus!


Attend qualified appointments set by our marketing team to present merchant solutions for credit card processing. Generate quotes that offer apples to apples comparisons of current rates, customizing programs that provide the maximum savings, state-of-the-art equipment and award-winning Point-of-Sale systems. Additionally, beyond our pre-set, screened, and qualified appointments, as a sales representative you will be required to prospect your own leads as well.


We train you. We can do it in person or through video conferencing. We do this each week, so you can get going. Typical hours are 8am to 5pm.


Optional if you want it) Telemedicine - We understand the financial barrier to health Insurance is too large for many of us so we offer you a benefit that provides over 70% of the reasons people see a doctor and it is only $14.95 per month. It is portable, so you can take it with you if you leave us. ASK YOUR RECRUITER FOR MORE INFORMATION

Equal Opportunity Employer / Background Friendly


Company Description

Velocity is a marketing and finance solutions company. We empower business owners with solutions to succeed. Since 1999, We haves continually evolved to offer industry leading services for businesses. We provide the tools that businesses require, as well as implementing solutions that will foster growth and add lasting value to your career. Our services range from print and digital advertising, website development, search engine optimization to payment processing. We believe collaboration makes us all stronger, innovation is born from determination, and dependable, straight-forward service starts with each one of us.

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