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Palmetto School of Career Development is currently looking to hire a part time Medical Administrative Assisting Instructor for our 8 week classes offered on Monday and Wednesdays from 6pm - 9pm.


·         Must have a high school diploma or GED

·         Must possess current certification as a Medical Administrative Assistant or higher license

·         Must have a minimum of 2 years of experience as a Medical Administrative Assistant

·         Must be proficient and demonstrate up-to-date knowledge and continuing study of the field

·         Must be able to operate within computer-assisted environment

·         Excellent interpersonal, written and verbal communications skills, organizational and motivational skills also essential

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

·         Adhere to school policies and procedures.

·         Follow current course outlines, objectives, and evaluation mechanisms for the program.

·         Prepare and deliver lecture and lab demonstrations as outlined in curriculum.

·         Effectively demonstrate techniques in theory according to acceptable standards.

·         Utilize various teaching styles and methods to accommodate student learning styles.

·         Facilitate class discussions and motivate learning.

·         Ensure student’s conceptual understanding of employability skills through demonstration and repetition.

·         Directly supervise daily activities and tasks of students, using classroom management techniques.

·         Provide a safe, positive, supportive, and professional learning environment for students.

·         Assess student skills acquisition and application of principles, theories, and critical thinking.

·         Administer written and practical tests to evaluate student achievement of course objectives.

·         Returning assignments to students to provide feedback, and assigning final grades for all students in a timely manner.

·         Maintain confidentiality pursuant to policies.

·         Report student grades, disciplinary infractions, classroom management issues, or strategies to improve student learning to the Area Manager.

·         Advise students as it relates to school policies, satisfactory performance, etc.

·         Maintain accurate attendance records, record absentee information in roster after each class meeting, and communicate attendance "concerns" to the Area Manager.

·         Maintain a professional appearance.

·         Substitute in classes when necessary.

·         Provide educational assistance to students during regularly scheduled class times or by appointments pre-approved by the Area Manager.

·         Actively participate in orientations and meetings with the Area Manager as requested.

·         Provide constructive input to resolve issues when they arise.

·         Actively work to improve student outcomes, reduce attrition, and maintain retention.

·         Assist with on-going review and development of curriculum by making recommendations concerning textbooks, learning resources, material covered, and instructional supplies.

Pay is $20 per hour.


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